Are you in a long distance relationship?

Here you will find everything you need if you are in a long distance relationship. But first of all, is to face it, a long distance relationships is very hard, is surviving. The most important thing to go forward in a long distance relationship is to know that the distance will end sooner or later, so you can be together.

This website is gathering everything you need to bridge the gap and stay connected with your partner. You will find how the distance can be another way to express your love and learn more about your partner :)

long distance relationship

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Pick up a star

Pick a star that will be "your star". Then, always you want to feel your beloved you just have to watch the star. The connection is amazing, specially if you are watching the star at the same time.

Notebook animation

notebook animation

Send romantic flowers

There's no better romantic way to show your love to your partner than sending flowers. Now you can buy flowers online and send them to your partner.

This flower shop has a great classic combinations of flowers and is available almost worldwide.

How to have a long distance relationship (video)

Get married by proxy

A proxy marriage is a marriage wherein a representative, known as a proxy, stands in for the bride or the groom, or both. Proxy marriages may be performed in those instances wherein, due to logistical challenges, it is difficult to get the bride and groom together, physically, at the same time and place. In a double proxy marriage, proxies stand in for both the bride and groom.

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